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Informatica L-31

  • 17 Marzo 2017: A questo link sono disponibili gli orari delle lezioni per il secondo semestre. Un augurio di buono studio dal corpo docente!
  • 29 Novembre 2016: A questa pagina troverete indicazioni sull'uso del software WebEx

Computer Science LM-18

  • March 17th, 2017: Follow this link to get the lesson schedule for the 2nd semester

Students Area

This wiki has been set up in order to provide a virtual space in which students can find all the information they need for their daily academic life. Students are strongly advised to look for information within this wiki, and in case useful information are not available here, to contact the appropriate responsible, as specified in the organization chart page. Information are provided in English when they could be of interest also for non-Italian students, otherwise Italian will be used.

Some page requires authentication. In case you do not have the credentials yet, please contact

As any Wiki this is a living platform and we encourage students to direct suggestions for improvements to the same e-mail address specified above.



Useful Information

Staff Area

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