Applied Game Design

  • Jun 7th, 2023: Dear students please remember to fill the Course Evaluation Questionnaire
  • May 4th, 2023: Dear students tomorrow's lecture is cancelled
  • April 24th, 2023: Dear students you can find the schedule for the course under the section General Info
  • April 23rd, 2023: Dear students we are trying to schedule the first lecture for the 2nd of May 2023 from 9am to 1pm in AB1
  • April 19th, 2023: Dear students lectures will start in May, soon the schedule will be available
  • NOTE: Students are requested to bring their laptop to each lecture


Online Room:

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Scheduling of Lectures:

Tuesday 02-05-2023 09-13 AB1
Thursday 04-05-2023 14-16 Team Lab
Friday 05-05-2023 14-18 Team Lab LECTURE IS CANCELLED
Monday 08-05-2023 14-18 Team Lab
Tuesday 09-05-2023 09-13 Team Lab Online Seminar by Nicola del Giudice, Introduction to Unity Starts at 09:15
Thursday 11-05-2023 14-16 Team Lab
Friday 12-05-2023 14-18 Team Lab Online Seminar by Fortuna Imperatore, Axel Fox Starts at 15:00
Monday 15-05-2023 14-18 Team Lab Online Seminar by Carlo Cuomo, il Prof dell'Edutainment Starts at 16:00
Tuesday 23-05-2023 14-18 Team Lab LECTURE IS CANCELLED
Thursday 25-05-2023 14-16 Team Lab Online Seminar by Carola Pettinato, ECCE CAR_PET Starts at 14:00
Friday 26-05-2023 14-18 AB1 Online Seminar by Maurizio Amoroso, Entertainment Game Apps. Ltd. Starts at 16:00
Monday 29-05-2023 14-18 AB1 Online Seminar by Andrea Valesini, Fantastico Studio Starts at 15:00
Tuesday 30-05-2023 09-13 Team Lab Seminar by Michele Rossi, Overside Starts at 11:00
Thursday 01-06-2023 14-18 Team Lab

* Lectures will be delivered in different modalities: frontal lectures, seminars from experts of game design, and practical exercises and game design with Unity


  • Students are requested to bring their laptop to each lecture

Lectures Slides:

Recorded Lectures:

Additional Material:

The examination will consist in the evaluation of the following activities that students are requested to carry out.

  • Writing of a game report with information about games you have played so far (those that have been most important to you let's say or those that you can recall) described based on the characteristics that we will introduce during the lectures (check the slides).
  • Writing of a Game Design Document, reporting your idea and design of a game
  • Demonstration of a tool you practiced with. During the course, students will be asked to select one tool that they find useful for implementing the game they designed. It could be a game engine, it could be an animation tool, a tool that the students would like to independently practice with and show progresses as part of the examination.
  • Performing a Pitch, that means a presentation that has the objective to convince someone to give you fundings for the game you have designed.
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