Advanced Topics in Software Engineering

  • October 22nd, 2020: We inform the students that next class will be November, the 4th. The classes of October 28th and 29th are cancelled.
  • September 21st, 2020: We inform the students interested in the course that the first lesson will be held on October 7th.


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Lessons schedule:

  • Wednesday, 11am - 1pm, Room AB1, Polo Lodovici;
  • Thursday, 4pm - 6pm, Room AB1, Polo Lodovici.

The course intends to illustrate to the students the relevance of quality in the production of Information Systems with a particular focus on those information systems based on models. The course, then, faces the quality assurance of such systems from two different perspectives. The first one is that of the quality of models used to define the behaviour of Information Systems. In particular considered issues are related to behavioural and quantitative aspects. For what concern behavioural aspect the course will focus on verification techniques; model transformation from semi-formal to formal notation will be presented as well as execution states exploration strategies. Related quantitative aspects of flow analysis, queueing analysis, the simulation will be discussed. This will make it possible to analyze models and related information systems in terms of process performance measures (i.e. cycle time, waiting time, cost, and other measures). The second perspective instead refers to software testing. In this case, the student will learn about the main objectives and issues of testing an Information Systems, and how to structure a software testing process for complex Information Systems selecting among the many available strategies. As a result, the student will acquire competencies that will permit him/her to select the right strategy to adopt in real-world scenarios. The course will also illustrate the usage of concrete tools to perform the different activities introduced for bot quality assurance approaches.

Enterprise and Business Process Models

  • Introduction to information systems
  • From model to code a framework for quality management
  • Model transformation and design time verification
  • Qualitative process analysis: value add analysis, waste analysis
  • Quantitative process analysis: flow analysis, queueing analysis, simulation
  • Information systems auditing: anomaly detection and mining
  • Testing methodologies

Course Slides

Class Recording


  • Dumas M, La Rosa M, Mendling J., Reijers H: Fundamentals of Business Process Management, Springer 2018. (From chapter 6 to 7)
  • Aditya P. Mathur, Foundations of Software Testing, 2nd Edition, Pearson 2014
  • William E. Perry. Quality Assurance for Information Systems: Methods, Tools, and Techniques. A Wiley-QED Publication, 1991.

Exam Dates A.Y. 2020/2021

Exam rules: The exam consists of a written test (1h 30 m). It has a mixed structure: solution of exercises, and open/close answer questionnaire.


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