March 18th, 2020 - Exam page

Swith on google meet: Webex is not working anymore. Click here to access the google meet room.

Disclaimer: below, at 9.45am you will find the exam text. You are expected to deliver the exam at 12.30pm and after you have to scan or take a picture of the sheets you would like to deliver. After having zipped the pictures you can either upload on the drive or send it in attachment to In case you upload on the drive don't forget to share the link with me.

During the exam your camera and your mic should be open. For the whole duration of the exam you should be visible. In case webex will stop working we will use google meet and you will find the link here. As a very last solution we will use my skype account. In such a case you will have to contact me “andreapolini”.

In the afternoon each of you, individually, will have to discuss with me 5-10 minutes about their work. I will provide here a schedule in which each of you will have to access my webex room.