SPM Course Project

In this page you will find information concerning the project to be developed. At the following links you will find information related to possible domain in which to develop a complex software system (unfortunately sometimes resources are in Italian):

  • Create a Github account with name.surname@studenti.unicam.it email and make the email address publicly available at Settings–>Emails–>Keep my email address private (uncheck it). Change profile settings: Settings–>Profile–>Public email (select your email). At this point you will be added to the repository of your group
  • Download Visual Paradigm, download the license, create a vpository account, access the course workspace by selecting from VP “Team” –> “Select Repository” –> Workspace ID “cbfwanqj” (if you are asked for name and password, use your own); then open the “SPM” project. It includes all the User stories that concern the project. Make a manual copy of this project into one of yours Workspaces and share it with the group members and with fabrizio.fornari@unicam.it and andrea.morichetta@unicam.it